The restaurant “Pürstner” is located in a typical house build in the turn of the century. For three generations the Pürstner family has been running the restaurant and has made it flourish.

Austrian hospitality and friendliness dominate our service. Our service team is ready to make you feel satisfied at any time. Our kitchen team is ready any time to create fresh home-made dishes

In the heart of Vienna where once the masters of the saddlers guild settled you find the restaurant “Pürstner” – a symbol of Viennese life-style. The Restaurant Pürstner today offers the highest gastronomic quality.

Here you can download our menu and wine card in your language!

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The outside facade of the Pürstner let assume few of the size of the one hundred twentieth (120) seats of the location inside, however five differently large rooms welcome you to a nice lunch or cozy supper.  Take a look into our sweet unique location. You will find a lot of old pieces of grandmas treasure chest and you can marvel at trophies out of grandpas active hunters time. We happy to see you soon!

Der Schankraum [Front Desk Room]

So like in the past of the Viennese Beisl a front desk board is established in the first room. Discreetly in a small chamber, but rather under the views of the guests busy driving does not rule here. On old wood banks and under almost real fruit trees the gentleman can left their ties at home and ladys don’t need to be stylish! Up to 20 Persons


Der Häklplatz (Knitroom)

The second room, with dark wood maden, is called the „Häklplatz“ and smaller tables for numerous guests. 17 Persons


The CardRoom

The next room, in which so many a long card party must have taken place, how the show-cases and the pertinent decoration show, offers place for 27 guests. A ten persons table that become is to the tile oven, for many already tribe tables.  ready to play with cards …


Der Fassraum (Caskroom)

Even more rustic it becomes in the cask room.  Two large old, accessible wine casks dominate the arrangement. A seven place and five persons table find therein place.  17 Persons


Der Laubenraum (Bowerroom)

Once entering believes yourself the last room is a Heurigen (Wine Place).  A part of the room is overgrow with wild wine, grapes hang within reach.  In the other part, there is an open fireplace, that radiates comfortable warmth and invites for lingering. Up to  34 Persons


Der Schanigarten (Outside Garden)

A Schanigarden corresponding to the tradition for 40 guests, who is opened from April to September, to have fun eating outside and get some city-sun.